Ongetta offers all types of silk continuous threads ( TRAM, CREPE, ORGANZINE, CORDONETTE, SHANTUNG, etc.) These yarns typology are also available in a BIO version. All types of silk yarns from discontinuous fibers ( SPA SILK YARN, TUSSAH , NOIL SILK) available in all spinnable counts.
Other than these classic ones, there is a wide variety of mixed yarns, as a result of either blended fibers or from the doubling of two or more different kind of plays (SILK/CASHMERE, SILK/COTTON, SILK/WOOL, SILK/LINEN, SILK/HEMP, SILK/BAMBOO, etc.).
Other yarn typology ( LINEN AND RAMIE), either raw yarns or bleached yarns, in all standard requested counts.