The company is specialized in silk thread twisting, which has been a family business tradition since the beginning of the 20th century (1900). The first owner was Emanuele Ongetta, he began his activity in China and in Russia.
When he died the company lived on with his sons, Francesco and Giovanni. They set up a twisting mill in Boffalora, near the Ticino river in the northen part of Italy and in the 1963 the family moved it’s activity to Ponte di Piave, a small town not far from Venice.
Andrea Ongetta, took over the Company from his father and uncle in the early 1980’s. This change of management sparked a noticeable improvement to the company’s future.

The first changes that were made after the takeover of the firm were the modernization and the enlargement of the industrial plant. The second step of the development for the company was to strengthen the commercial business, and to get extensive knowledge about the silk producting countries. In this way Andrea Ongetta established direct business relationships and some joint ventures with the silk producers.
The company is now one of the leaders of the twisting silk yarn market in the world. This market position has been acquired through the years mainly for the quality of the products, it’s efficient organization and the quickness of it’s service (supply chain and logistic structure).

The most important products that the enterprise manufactures are continuous silk yarns, discontinuous silk yarns (spun silk yarn, tussah and noil ), and a vast range of mixed yarns. Since 2008 the company has also extended it’s activity to the import and distribution of silk, linen, viscose, polyester and mix fabrics obtaining good market shares in short time. The company, in all its businesses, takes care of the development of new articles supported by a punctual qualitative control during all steps of production. One of the most important strengths of the company is the Stock Service availability of the majority of the products.